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Get to Know Nawar Issac, DMD

Lowell Massachusetts dentist Nawar Issac D M D

Dr. Nawar Issac is an accomplished dentist with 15 years of experience who has focused his dental office on oral surgery. He has worked across the globe and is now associated with some of the most prestigious dental schools in the country, so you can trust that you’ll always be in great hands with him. To learn a little more about his background, read below.

After completing his dental and surgical training in Syria, where he practiced for eight years, Dr. Issac relocated to the U.S. and received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Tufts University. Today, he is a faculty member at the Harvard, Tufts, and Boston University Schools of Dental Medicine, as well as New York University’s Langone Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program, where he teaches and oversees students and residents for dental and surgical procedures.

As a Syrian American, Dr. Issac is passionate about giving back to the community. While in Syria, he provided free care to refugees who were displaced from their homes. Since moving to the U.S., he continues to volunteer in underserved communities and helps curate public health programs on community water fluoridation.

In his personal time, Dr. Issac loves to travel and learn about other cultures. He also enjoys music and plays the guitar.